Show of Lionesses – Карельский зоопарк

Show of Lionesses

Are you ready to enter into the spirit of adventure right in the center of Karelian Zoo? An exciting performance with the participation of some of the most dangerous predators on the planet – graceful, splendid lionesses is waiting for you!


— Show of Lionesses: Adult/child — 600 rubles

— Combo, zoo + show of lionesses — 1100 rubles

Free for kids under age 3. You can buy tickets via the link and at the Karelian Zoo box office.

July schedule

Monday is a day off;

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday – show starts at 13:30;

Friday and Saturday – two shows: at 12:00 and at 15:00.



This graceful beauty is called Tyona. She received her name because of her love of art, in particular ballet. Just like ballet dancers, Tyona has a graceful figure, as well as delicate facial features.

On the show, she loves to perform any tricks just to get a meat reward. In addition, she is the only one who gives clues to the other lionesses on what they need to do.


This charming cat has the very suitable name – Mila, which means “cute” in Russian. She is the smallest of the others and has a little black spot on her nose. Mila loves to “dance” the waltz at the show and chafe against the trainer. And she also grins in a very funny way – she raises not both lips, but only one.


On the way of this lioness to her new home, the “Cheri Lady” song of “Modern Talking” was playing on the radio, which gave the trainer an idea to name the cat Cheri, which means “dear”.   Cheri differs from other lionesses in her jumping ability, and always performs this trick at shows.  


And finally, Lily, who received her name in honor of the character of “Game of Thrones”, who captivated the trainer with her kindness and responsiveness. The lioness also has these qualities – in the pride she is like a mother for the rest, and will protect and punish for a reason. Unlike the others, Lily really likes to sit on her hind legs on the show. This trick is called “of” or “auf”.