Saimiri (squirrel monkey) – Карельский зоопарк

Saimiri (squirrel monkey)

Class: Mammals

Order: Primates

Family: Cebidae

Weight: 0.7-1.2 kg

Height: about 40 cm

Body length: up to 40 cm

Color: dark olive or gray-green on the back, with reddish limbs.

Age of sexual maturity: around 3 years

Gestation period: about 6 months

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Habitat: inhabit tropical forests of Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay.

Diet: fruits, nuts, snails, insects, bird eggs

Did you know?

  • Typically, squirrel monkeys gather in tight clusters of several dozen individuals. This helps them survive cold nights. They often use their tails to keep warm. They wrap their tails around their necks to stay warmer, providing insulation against the chill of the night.
  • Squirrel monkeys prefer to apply scent marks to themselves, including the juice of ripe fruits. In addition, their saliva, urine, and a special secretion from specialized glands serve as sources of such a scent. Scientists have not yet been able to decipher the mystery of this behavior.