Puma – Карельский зоопарк


Class: Mammalia (Mammals)

Order: Carnivora (Carnivores)

Family: Felidae (Cats)

Weight: from 29 to 105 kg

Height: from 60 to 85 cm

Body length: from 110 to 180 cm

Coloration: Reddish, sandy-colored fur.

Age of sexual maturity: At 3 years old

Gestation period: 95 days

Lifespan: 15-18 years

Habitat range: The habitat of the puma extends from the Rocky Mountains in North America to Patagonia in the south.

Diet: Ungulates and other mammals (beavers, monkeys, snakes, mice, etc.)

Did You Know?

  • The puma is listed in the Guinness World Records as the animal with the most names. English-speaking countries alone have over 40 names for this royal cat.
  • The age of a puma can be determined by its teeth.
  • Puma cubs do not leave their hiding place until called by their mother.
  • Pumas rarely attack humans but often hunt domestic animals.