Nubian Goat – Карельский зоопарк

Nubian Goat

Class: Mammals

Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Bovidae

Weight: 61-79 kg

Height: up to 89 cm

Body length: 105 cm

Color: Nubian goats typically have a two-tone coloration, such as piebald, marbled, or silvery. Black goats are an exception.

Age of sexual maturity: 7 months

Gestation period: 5 months

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Habitat: Found in isolated populations in the coastal regions of northeastern Africa, the Sinai Peninsula, and the southeastern and western parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

Diet: Leaves, buds, grasses, shrubs

Did you know?

  • The main distinguishing features of Nubian goats are their long, drooping ears and slightly convex noses, giving them a “Gascon” noble profile.
  • Nubian goats are sociable, friendly, and vocal. Due to their long ears and sleek bodies, they have many nicknames, including “Lop-eared Goat,” “Rabbit Goat,” “Ear Goat,” and “Sighthound Goat.”
  • They are sensitive to cold and do not tolerate winters well. They need to be kept clean, dry, and at a comfortable temperature.