Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo – Карельский зоопарк

Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo

Class: Mammals

Order: Marsupials

Family: Macropodidae

Weight: on average 10.5 kg

Height: about 50 cm

Body Length: females: 690-705 mm, males: 720-750 mm

Color: dark brown, with light-colored chin, throat, and belly

Age of sexual maturity: approximately 1 year

Gestation period: about 40 days

Lifespan: on average 9 to 15 years

Habitat: wet tropical forests of northeastern Queensland, Australia

Diet: leaves, fruits, herbaceous plants

Did you know?

  • The long tail is not just a decorative feature; it provides support for sitting and contains fatty tissue.
  • Bennett’s tree kangaroo is considered the largest mammal in Australia that lives in trees.
  • According to the classification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Bennett’s tree kangaroos are considered near vulnerable.
  • Kangaroos can go without water for several months.